José Andrés Caballero and Susi Hidalgo are the winners of the first challenge of ‘Masterchef Ecuador Celebrity’

José Andrés Caballero and Susi Hidalgo became the first winners of the first challenge of the first season of Masterchef Ecuador Celebrity , which started this Monday, November 20 on Teleamazonas. The challenge consisted of the mysterious box that had cow’s tongue and eyes as ingredients.

The duo made up of the actor and the couples coach had a plate of French-style seared tiraditos of tongue with thyme, garlic and butter, on top of which was crackling with eyes on a bed of hummus and a caper mayonnaise. Judge Jorge Rausch ruled it “well played”, after tasting it, he said that the tongue was delicious, soft and very well dipped in the butter, although the plating was very ugly. Evaluator Irene González highlighted the use of crunchiness, it is a texture that she always applauds.

They went straight up to the balcony and will compete for the chef’s pin.

Tonight, the judges considered another pair of duets in second place: the one made up of José Pacheco and Sergio the ice cream man; and that of Alberto and Hellen Quiñonez.

The first duet prepared a tongue with mashed potatoes with yellow chili, manaba cheese and butter, stewed with wine sauce, accompanied by peppers. Judge Carolina Sánchez expressed that she did not dislike its presentation, since the sauce is delicious, although it had lumps. “For her first dish, it’s not bad.”

The second presented a puree eye sauce of cassava beans rolled in bacon. Sánchez approved of the language, he also liked the sauce, although it lacked refinement. On the other hand, Rausch considered that he needed to seal the meat of the tongue, to improve a dish that he saw as interesting.

The last four contestants also went up to the balcony. 

Source : Eluniverso

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