Maduro’s Government Announced New Air Routes Between Venezuela and Colombia

The government of Nicolás Maduro announced on Sunday new air routes that will connect Venezuela with Colombia, after the visit of the president of that country, Gustavo Petro, although the date on which they will begin to operate was not specified.

“As part of the agreements consolidated during the visit of President Gustavo Petro, we announced the new air routes, which will connect our homeland with our Colombian brothers,” celebrated Ramón Velásquez Araguayán, Venezuelan Minister of Transportation and president of Conviasa, on platform .

In an image published by the Chavista official, it is indicated that the destinations are: Maiquetía-Bogotá-Maiquetía; Valencia-Bogotá-Valencia; Barcelona-Bogotá-Barcelona; Maiquetía-Medellín-Maiquetía, and Maiquetía-Barranquilla-Maiquetía.

«Once again, our president Nicolás Maduro raises the flags of Bolivarianism and integration! “Venezuela and Colombia united!” said the minister.

Gustavo Petro and Nicolás Maduro met

On Saturday, the Colombian president arrived in Venezuela to meet with Maduro at the Miraflores Palace. They proposed an agreement with Washington for the crisis in Darién, the jungle on the Colombian-Panamanian border that hundreds of thousands of migrants cross on their way to the United States. “It is a passage through which in reality no human being should go through , trying to reach a paradise and you find a wall, concentration camps, even prison, forcible return without rights,” Petro said after meeting with the official

“We must reach an agreement with the United States,” he added.

The Colombian president, on his fourth visit to Venezuela since taking power, proposed offering economic aid to migrants to return to their countries of origin.

“We have proposed to the United States a program to humanize the exodus, economic stabilization bonuses for each family, so that they return to their place,” the president said in a joint statement.

«This exodus of return, Colombia wants to help build it, whether it is the return to Colombia, because the grandparents of those people or their parents are Colombian, or whether it is going to Venezuela. Whatever their free decision, it is the United States that has to support it,” Petro added.

Source : El Nacional

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