In Ecuador, 224,594 People Are Older And Single Adults

In Ecuador singles are gaining ground. In the last census, whose figures were published in 2023, it was determined that the number of people in this condition is 5.9 million. Of them, 2.9 are men and 2.9 are women. But how many singles are older adults?

The number of single older adults – over 65 years old – is 224,594 people. The majority of them reside in Guayaquil, with 45,978 and in Quito, with 27,716. 

They are followed by Cuenca, with 6,528, Santo Domingo, with 5,029, Esmeraldas, with 4,618 and Portoviejo, 4,508. The data appears on the website of the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INEC). 

A study carried out in Spain indicates that single people are happier than married people because they have more free time , that is, they have more space for vacations, buying insurance and having their own home. 

While married people have more time committed to their typical tasks of couple life , such as family dinners, anniversaries, common expenses, etc. 

One of the aspects that stand out in the topic of being single is the sexual aspect . People with partners have more sex, which results in less stress burning calories and strengthening the immune system , according to the medical website ‘Web Consultas’. 

Other data about singles in Ecuador 

In Ecuador, the largest number of singles are in urban areas, with 3.8 million people and two million in rural areas. 

Guayas is the province with the most singles. They total 1.5 million. Then there is Pichincha with a million people. Then there are: Manabí (516,418), Los Ríos (318,517), Azuay (279,940), El Oro (252,020) and Esmeraldas (213,374).

And those with the fewest bachelors are Galapagos, which is home to the smallest number of single men and women nationwide: 8,655. On the other hand, four of the six provinces of the Amazon region have the lowest number of single inhabitants: Orellana (57,978), Morona Santiago (58,817), Zamora Chinchipe (38,821) and Pastaza (35,294).

Source : El Telegrafo

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