95 Candidates For Judges of The National Court Will Repeat The Confidence Tests

The decision is made. 95 candidates for judges of the National Court will repeat the confidence tests. This was confirmed by the member of the Judiciary, Fausto Murrillo. The official corroborated this fact during an interview on the news program NOTICIAS 7 on Ecuador TV.

Murillo indicated that the Plenary Session of the Judiciary decided to approve 95 applicants to repeat this phase of the competition , after learning that there were compatibility problems between the systems of the Judiciary and the company that was hired for this phase.

Member Murillo was dissatisfied with this decision and said he voted against so that the applicants have a second chance.

“That does affect the contest, it delegitimizes it in the eyes of public opinion (…) People are concerned and question and that is why I have asked that the technical areas must come out and show their face.”

Murillo also spoke about the questions that arose in the election of the members who will prepare the questionnaires for the theoretical and practical tests . In this phase, it was learned that among the members who will prepare the question banks are people with a political background.

Murillo was also dissatisfied with the choice of these dignities. He again pointed out that the Plenary of the Judiciary , with a majority vote, decided to endorse the process and appointed the members of the Committee of Experts.

He also indicated that in previous competitions, universities were asked to recommend names of suitable people to prepare the questionnaires. But that didn’t happen on this occasion. According to Murillo, the majority are self-registered.

“I observed that they did not have the training, nor the experience in knowing what the contest is. Subsequently, they have pointed out at the level of networks, media and people who have opinions that some of them have a political relationship. That has been classified as that they are not legitimized or that they could have a conflict of interest.”  

Hence, those selected were already designated to prepare the 1,800 theoretical questions and 90 practical cases . Murillo hopes that this process will be carried out in a reserved manner.

The units that must control this happens are the human talent and ICT area of ​​the Judiciary. In addition, from the School of the Judicial Function.

Finally, the member reported that the contest is still on and that, so far, the Plenary of the Judiciary has not found cause for it to be suspended.

If the schedule is met, the new judges of the National Court will be appointed in February 2024.

Source : El Telegrafo

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