Learn to Cook With The Advice of The ‘Masterchef Ecuador Celebrity’ Judges

Although there was more than one winner in the first challenge of Masterchef Ecuador Celebrity , which premiered this Monday, November 20 on Teleamazonas , the judges Jorge Rausch, Carolina Sánchez and Irene González reminded all the 23 participants of the main recommendations so that their dishes obtain best ratings:

  • Do not incorporate lettuce in the dishes, as decoration
  • Do not use ingredients only for decoration, everything on the plate should be eaten
  • Take into account the presentation of the dishes, from the plating to the chosen tableware
  • Dishes should incorporate ingredients that are colorful
  • Creams should be silky, without lumps
  • Improve the cooking of ingredients in the dish
  • Play with the volumes of the food, so that the plate does not look flat.
  • Improve the cuts of proteins, so that they maintain the aesthetics of the dish
  • Listen (review) the complete instructions
  • Have fun, work hard and study

The winners of the first challenge in the first episode of the show were Susi Hidalgo and José Andrés Caballero.

Source : Eluniverso

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